ring spinning process Jul 13, 2022
Ring spinning is a general spinning method with a large amount of consumption in the market at present. The drawn fiber strips of sliver or roving are introduced through the rotation of ring steel rings, the winding speed of bobbins is faster than that of steel rings, and cotton yarn is twisted into spinning yarn It is widely used in the spinning engineering of various staple fibers Such as carding, combing and blending, the steel ring is driven by the bobbin through the sliver to rotate around the steel ring At the same time, the friction of the steel ring makes its speed slightly less than that of the bobbin and it is wound The spinning speed is high, and the shape of ring spinning yarn is a conical spiral line with most fibers transferred inside and outside, which makes the fibers wound and connected inside and outside the yarn. The structure of the yarn is compact and the strength is high. It is suitable for yarn making, weaving, knitting and other products.
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