what is Staple Fiber May 24, 2022

Chemical staple fiber is commonly known as "staple fiber" . The product obtained by cutting chemical fiber into a certain length after forming. It can be divided into cotton type staple fiber (commonly known as "artificial cotton"), wool type staple fiber (commonly known as "artificial wool") and medium length staple fiber (hereinafter referred to as "medium length fiber") according to the length of coarse and fine product. It can be pure spun on cotton, wool and other spinning machines, or blended with cotton, wool and other fibers.

Chemical fiber and cotton blended spinning chemical fiber and cotton blended spinning products not only have the characteristics of chemical fiber, but also have the properties of cotton, which are widely used. Such as polyester cotton, nitrile cotton, Uygur cotton and viscose cotton blended. The length of chemical staple fiber is 36-38mm. Due to the good uniformity of chemical staple fiber and high single fiber strength, in order to ensure the evenness of yarn, it is required to select raw cotton with long length, good uniformity, high grade, good maturity and moderate fineness. To produce the blended yarn of superfine chemical fiber and cotton, usually long staple cotton; Fine wool cotton can be used to produce the blended yarn of fine and special chemical fiber and cotton. In order to improve the quality of the blended products of chemical fiber and cotton and ensure the correct blending ratio, the general mixed flowers of chemical fiber and cotton are not reused in the special yarn.

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