Crude oil rose more than 3% a day. Jan 18, 2023
For polyester factories, the pressure on the cost side still exists, and the possibility of rising crude oil still exists. Investment institutions represented by Goldman Sachs bet that Asian economies will completely lift the COVID-19 restrictions and stimulate demand. It is noteworthy that while the demand is rising, the global oil supply is facing a reduction. It also means that the global oil supply will be tense in 2023. This also makes many market institutions optimistic about the international oil price this year.

At present, due to the reality of low inventory, most polyester factories are still waiting for stability, but some factories have room for negotiation. Therefore, in the short term, in this final charge, polyester prices are still expected to give preferential treatment, but after the start of the year, there will be great expectations for a "good start" market.
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