Differential fiber Jun 02, 2022
Differential fiber generally refers to the chemical fiber that is innovative to the conventional chemical fiber or has certain characteristics. Generally, through chemical modification or physical deformation, the morphological structure and physical and chemical properties of the fiber are different from those of conventional chemical fibers, so as to achieve bionic effect or improve the performance of chemical fibers. Generally, there are many differential fibers of polyester. Many differential fibers not only appear in a single form, but also are composite fibers to reflect the superimposed fiber style. For example, the composite of high shrinkage silk and ordinary shrinkage fine denier silk forms the characteristic of different shrinkage, which gives the fabric the style of peach skin velvet without sanding the surface, and then adds the characteristics of different size and different cross-section, which can make the fabric show elegant pearl luster. Differential fibers are mainly used in clothing and decorative fabrics.
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