Prediction of Sports Leisure Trend in Spring and Summer 2023: Exquisite, Natural and Pure Beauty First Nov 24, 2022

The return of sportsmanship in recent years has changed the fashion trend. The diversification of lifestyle has also continued to promote the development of sportswear, and the market segment has attracted attention.

Trend 1: exquisite nature+silent neutral color

Fashion style and sports are the mainstream, with streamlined modeling and flowing materials. The matte surface of the fabric can present soft color mixing and dry touch through cotton/polyester and cotton/nylon blends, creating a diversified and practical casual appearance.

Trend 2: Pure beauty first+soft color gray tone

Consumers occasionally need to escape from reality. Dream and reality reach a delicate balance in this spring and summer.
Candy colored sports bras and yoga pants are paired with jackets and other silhouette coats, such as box cut tops or H-shaped windbreaker, making your skin youthful and dynamic.
The light perspective fabric is the key point of application. The soft and fine poplin, chiffon, taffeta, etc. span the style boundary and bring a new idea of mixing and matching to the young sports style.

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