The lowest gauze stock in cotton commercial stock office in recent five years has obviously declined. Jan 20, 2023
According to the cotton outlook data, the commercial inventory of cotton was 4.624 million tons by the end of December, an increase of 939,300 tons from the previous month and a decrease of 935,800 tons from the same period last year. Commercial inventory of cotton has been at the lowest point in nearly five years for three consecutive months. Mainly due to the influence of the external environment, the cotton processing progress is slow, which makes the cotton commercial inventory increase slightly, and the overall level is at a historically low level, but the supply in 2022 is sufficient.

In the downstream market, as of the end of December, the inventory of cotton industry was 551,200 tons, an increase of 66,300 tons from the previous month. The inventory of cotton industry continued to rise, mainly due to the pre-holiday stocking of enterprises before the Spring Festival. As of the end of December, the yarn inventory was 17.48 days, a decrease of 16.54 days from the previous month; The inventory of grey cloth was 33.53 days, a decrease of 5.55 days from the previous month. Judging from the inventory of finished products, the inventory of cotton yarn and grey cloth declined obviously this month. In December, the downstream market warmed up, the textile enterprises were in good condition, and traders also made a lot of purchases.

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