Advantages of polypropylene high strength twisted yarn Aug 16, 2022
The high-strength polypropylene twisted yarn has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, acid and alkali resistance, light specific gravity, small thermal shrinkage, low thermal conductivity, little static storage and almost no moisture absorption. The high-strength polypropylene double twisted yarn has the characteristics of environmental protection and light weight. It is widely used in safety net belt, industrial sling, flexible container bag, geotextile, industrial filter cloth, rope cable, optical cable, high-pressure fire hose, conveyor belt, industrial sewing thread, canopy canvas, polypropylene anti crack fiber, plastic woven bag and other fields. It is a new ideal chemical fiber material to replace polyester, nylon and ethylene fiber, especially suitable for geotextile, sunshade, and other flame retardant / UV resistant industrial products and processes such as Christmas tree
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