"Power limit" alarm sounds Aug 23, 2022

The high-temperature heat wave swept the world, and the temperature in many places in China broke the historical extreme, and the high temperature lasted for a long time. According to China Weather Network, 68 national stations in China have broken the local historical extreme temperature. The China Meteorological Administration said that as of August 15, the high temperature event had lasted 64 days, the longest since 1961. It is expected that the duration of this regional high-temperature heat wave event will continue to extend and the comprehensive intensity will be further enhanced in the next ten days.

In order to meet the basic demand of "ensuring supply", the government has initiated temporary shutdown measures for large power consumers.
The affected listed companies in Anhui, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places have issued shutdown announcements one after another, and many companies have announced the shutdown time, as well as the specific affected production capacity and amount.

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